Aeolidiella alderi - detail of tentacles
Aeolidiella alderi - detail of tentacles
Aeolidiella alderi
Aeolidiella alderi
Aeolidiella alderi (Cocks, 1852)
Medium sized aeolid found in shallow waters generally under rocks, feeding on sea-anemones. The base colour is whitish to cream with superficial orange-brown markings on the dorsum.

Propodial tentacles: Present almost fully fused to foot.
Oral tentacles: 2, pale cream, generally smooth, occasionally wrinkled.
Rhinophores: Smooth, occasionally wrinkled, pale cream with slightly darker tips.
Cerata: Numerous, in two columns and at least 12 rows, straight (not inflated). The digestive contents are generally brown but the tips are white. In some specimens the cerata had pale cream spots.
Foot: Colourless without any appendages (other than propodial tentacles).

Size range: 10-34mm. Uncommon, generally found in areas where Spurilla neapolitana is present.

Specific characteristics: This species is easy to distinguish from related species by examining the first row of cerata. In this species the white cnidosacs occupy >50% of the ceratal length.
34mm Qalet Marku <1m depth 15/3/93
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34mm Qalet Marku <1m depth 15/3/93
12mm St. George's Bay, St Julians <1m depth 19/7/93
22mm Qajjenza, Birzebbugia <1m depth 13/9/92
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