Anteaeolidiella foulisi
Anteaeolidiella foulisi - dorsal area
Anteaeolidiella foulisi
Anteaeolidiella foulisi - dorsal pattern
Anteaeolidiella foulisi - lateral view
Anteaeolidiella foulisi
Anteaeolidiella foulisi
Anteaeolidiella foulisi (Angas, 1864)
Small aeolid found in shallow waters under rocks occasionally with Aeolidiella alderi, feeding on sea-anemones. The base colour is whitish with two distinct initially parallel orange lines present anterior to the rhinophores, joining just behind and then join and split at several areas (at least 4 times) on the upper dorsal area. The areas between the lines are coloured a distinct white.

Propodial tentacles: Present almost fully fused to foot.
Oral tentacles: 2 in number, smooth, occasionally wrinkled, pale coloured longer than the rhinophores.
Rhinophores: Smooth, occasionally wrinkled, pale coloured with distinct wide orange band at the centre.
Cerata: Clavate, with orange to orange-brown content and distinct white pointed tips. A submarginal pale band is occasionally present.
Foot: Colourless without any appendages (other than propodial tentacles).

Size range: 8-14mm. Rare.

Specific characteristics: This species is easy to
distinguish from related species by its colouration, in particular the distinct orange and white pattern on dorsum.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
(as A. takanosimensis/indica)
10mm St. Julians <1m depth 18/7/93
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10mm Typical dorsal pattern 19/7/93
10mm Qajjenza, <1m depth 29/1/93
10mm St. George's Bay, St Julians <1m depth 19/7/93
Marine species
Seaslugs of Hawaii
= Aeolidiella indica Bergh, 1888
= Aeolidiella takanosimensis Baba, 1930
10mm specimen Lateral view 29/1/93
10mm Dorsal pattern variant 19/7/93
10mm Qajjenza, <1m depth 29/1/93