Aplysiopsis elegans - veliger larvae
Aplysiopsis elegans - head detail
Aplysiopsis elegans
Detail of foot
Juvenile specimen
Aplysiopsis elegans Deshayes, 1853
12mm Qajjenza on beached red algae 15/9/93
Small to medium sized sacogossan found in shallow water amongst algae. The body colour is a pale orange-yellow with darker red brown lines and bands along the sides, back and foot. The head shows a typical brown central band with 2 thinner lines passing near the eyes. The cerata are elongated, similarly coloured with various lines, bands and other irregularly shaped markings . White spots are present on the cerata and body. Rhinophores are present as a short folded but divided pair, flared at the tips, coloured and patterned similar to the body.
Size range of specimens: 2-20mm.

Specific characteristics: An uncommon species usually found on Cladophora and Cystoseira species. The colour and ceratal ornamentation of this species as well as the folded but split rhinophores are characteristic for this species, which is easy to identify.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
Detail of head (Size unrecorded Birzebbugia <1m depth on Cladophora sp. 6/3/95)
Juvenile (3mm Qajjenza <1m depth 6/2/95)
Detail of foot (12mm specimen)
5 days after ovideposition
Later view of spawn
Spawn 5mm diameter
Veliger larvae (6 days after ovideposition)
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