Berthella ocellata
Berthella ocellata - oral veil
Berthella ocellata - rhinophores
Berthella ocellata - lateral gill
Berthella ocellata (delle Chiaje, 1830)
Large species generally found in shaded preocoralligenous biocenosis but the juveniles may be found on Posidonia rhizomes. The general shape is oval to elongated with a flattened oral veil and folded rhinophores. A foot is present but is generally hidden under the notum. The notum is colour a red-brown with low pinkish tubercules lined with white. The rhinophores, oral veil and foot are pinkish. A gill is present, visible on the right side of the body under the notum. A large internal shell is present.
Size range: 6-78mm

Specific characteristics: The distinct body colour is enough to identify this species from related species.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
65mm Wied iz-Zurrieq 22m depth 31/8/92
leg.: JM Bezzina
Oral Veil
Lateral gill
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