Bosellia mimetica - dorsal view
Bosellia mimetica - ventral view
Bosellia mimetica - juvenile
Bosellia mimetica Trinchese, 1891
Ventral view of 4mm specimen
Very small sized sacoglossan found in shallow water on the green alga Halimeda tuna on which it is very well camouflaged. The body colour is a mottled green with white spots at the edges and two purple rings on the rhinophores. The flattened body is rounded but becomes elongated as the animal moves. Rhinophores are present as a short inrolled pair. Parapodia are absent. An unusual specimen with a yellow, orange, green and blue pattern on the dorsum has been described by Perrone in 1980 (Boll. Malacologico, 16(3-4):103-104) from an unusual specimen collected in Malta (1979, leg. David Attard)
Size range of specimens: 2-5mm.

Specific characteristics: A common species which is easily distinguished from other opisthobranchs by its shape, colour and habitat.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
4mm Qalet Marku <1m depth 20/6/94
Juvenile specimen Bahar ic-caghaq 0-2m depth 4/9/93
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