Caloria elegans
Caloria elegans
Caloria elegans
Caloria elegans is a small and delicate aeolid nudibranch. Its base colour is a hyaline white with pinkish ceratal pigment. This nudibranch is small and is easily missed in the field.

Propodial tentacles: Present, short, recurved and with white superficial pigment.
Oral tentacles: Present, long and curved, with white superficial pigment.
Rhinophores: White tipped, shorter than the oral tentacles and smooth to rough.
Cerata: Present, pink to red in colour with a black sub-terminal ring and white tips.
Foot: Transparent without any appendages.

Size range: 4-10mm. Rare.

Specific characteristics: This species is easy to distinguish in the field by the sub-terminal black ring (cerata) and the smooth rhinophores.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
10mm Ponta Rqieqa, Comino 22m depth 10/07/92
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10mm Ponta Rqieqa, Comino 22m depth 10/07/92
4-5mm Cirkewwa 30m depth 18/04/93
Marine species
Caloria elegans (Alder & Hancock, 1845)