Chelidonura africana
Chelidonura africana
Cephalic tentacles
Chelidonura africana Pruvot-Fol, 1953
Small animal, found in shallow water (<5m) amongst algae, close to areas with sand. Cephalic shield is dark brown in colour with white dots on surface; a bright yellow is present at the anterior edge with two short sky-blue lines present just below the anterior edge, a thick white line is present at the posterior edge of the cephalic shield with several sky-blue dots decorating the underside of the animal. The parapodia are similarly coloured with yellow edge and larger sky-blue spots. The mantle has a white posterior edge with two flagella, a short rounded one and a larger pointed flagellum. The anterior part of this cephalaspidean bears several sensory setae in two groups of around 20 setae on each side.
Size range 5-13mm. Common.

Specific characteristics: Small size and specific colour pattern.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
7-8mm Cirkewwa 2m depth 10/9/92
Marine species
13mm St. George's Bay 15/9/92
Cephalic tentacles
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