Cuthona amoena
Cuthona amoena
Cuthona amoena
Cuthona amoena
Cuthona amoena is a small aeolid nudibranch found in shallow water feeding on hydroids growing on algae (Cystoseira sp.). It is generally missed because of its small size and drab colours (but well camouflaged from predators). Yellowish white to gold coloured blotches are present on the body.

Propodial tentacles: Absent, (foot rounded).
Oral tentacles: 2 in number, short, with brown rings and white pigment.
Rhinophores: Translucent with sub-terminal brown ring and superficial white pigment, smooth.
Cerata: Green to green-brown coloured with white tips.
Foot: Translucent without appendages.

Size range: 3-5mm. Rare.

Specific characteristics: This species may be mistaken for other Cuthona sp. The colour of the cerata, yellowish pigment on body and the sub-terminal rings on rhinophores may be used to identify this species.

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3mm, Qalet Marku <1m depth 27/02/93
3mm, Qalet Marku 3m depth 17/10/93
Marine species
Cuthona amoena (Alder & Hancock, 1845)
4mm, Ahrax point 5-10m depth 27/02/94
3mm, Qalet Marku 3m depth 17/10/93