Cyerce cristallina
Cyerce cristallina
Cyerce cristallina - foot with furrow
Cyerce cristallina - cerata
Cyerce cristallina - rhinophores
Cyerce cristallina
Cyerce cristallina (Trinchese, 1881)
40mm Cirkewwa <1m depth 17/9/92
Small to medium sized sacoglossan found in shallow water under rocks and algae (Dictyopteris). The body colour is a pale red-brown with darker markings and with large cerata dotted with white spots near the edge and a pattern on each ceras, the pattern consisting of a pink to red oval central area and a pink wedge at the ceratal tips. In a juvenile, collected on algae, the body is coloured a dark brown, whilst the cerata are transparent devoid of pink blotches, with white spots at the ceratal tips but with dull yellow spots all over the ceras. Rhinophores are present as a long folded but divided pair, pale brown coloured with a pink band at the tip. Foot is transparent with a furrow or transverse line.
Size: 4-40mm.

Specific characteristics: A rare species. The colour of the cerata and the presence of a transverse line across the foot are the distinguishing features of this species in relation to Polybranchia and Caliphylla.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
Encyclopedia of Life
Detail of ceras and bifid rhinophores
35mm Qajjenza 2m depth 16/9/93
Foot showing transverse line
4mm Ahrax point, Mellieha 10m depth 27/2/94
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