Elysia viridis
Elysia viridis
Elysia viridis
Elysia viridis
Elysia viridis
Elysia viridis
Unusually dark specimen (collection data unrecorded)
Elysia viridis (Montagu, 1804)
Small sized elongated mollusc, usually found in collections of green algae. The body colour is a variable bright green to dark green with plenty of white, red, blue and green shiny spots all over the body. Dark (black) pigmentation may be present on the rhinophores and 'tail' tip of this sacoglossan and two paler areas are present around eyes. White pigment is often present lining the parapodia and sometimes the rhinophores. A pair of inrolled tentacles (rhinophores) is present. Parapodia are generally short, small and do not meet over the body in juvenile specimens. No papillae are present on the parapodia.
Size range of specimens: 2-25mm, found mainly on Cladophora in shallow water.

Specific characteristics: A common and variable species which is easily distinguished from related species by its colour and lack of papillae.
Marine species
4-5mm Wied iz-Zurrieq 17m depth 9/5/93
11mm Bahar ic-caghaq <1m depth 2/5/93
5mm Birzebbugia <1m depth 21/4/93 - Anterior area detail showing folded rhinophores
10mm Bahar ic-caghaq (Maghtab) 1m depth 13/7/94
25mm Qajjenza 1m depth 19/5/94
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