Ercolania sp.1
Ercolania sp.1 - foot
Ercolania sp.1 - lateral view
Ercolania sp.1
Ercolania sp.1 - detail of head
Ercolania sp.1 - posterior end
Ercolania sp.1
3mm Birzebbugia <1m depth 2/5/94 - Dorsal and ventral views
Small sacogossan found in shallow water amongst algae. The body colour is purplish black with transparent areas (foot, area near eyes, dorsum and edge of body). An dull orangey stripe is present on the 'tail' and ceratal attachment area. The cerata are 'pear shaped' but thinly attached to the body, coloured black with a pale tip. Rhinophores are present as long, solid, pair coloured a purplish black with a white line at the edge.
Size: 3mm.

Specific characteristics: A rare species found on Cladophora sp. This species may be mistaken for Placida cremoniana but lacks the brick red colour at the base of the cerata. The body and rhinophore colour and shape are characteristic for this species which is easy to separate from related species.

This species is considered close to Ercolania coerulea but its exact identity has not been established.
3mm Birzebbugia <1m depth 2/5/94
Detail of 'tail'
Lateral view
Detail of head
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