Felimare fontandraui
Felimare fontandraui
Felimare fontandraui
Felimare fontandraui anterior area
Underside showing paler foot and oral tentacles
Felimare fontandraui (Pruvot-Fol, 1951)
Felimare fontandraui is a medium sized chromodorid nudibranch present in the Mediterranean and Eastern Atlantic Ocean. It is usually found roaming on sponges (often on Dysidea sp.). This species is common and often encountered. It is sometimes distinct enough to be identified in the field, however some forms may be misinterpreted as F. tricolor or F. villafranca.

Oral tentacles: 2 in number, very short.
Rhinophores: Deep blue to purplish in colour with a faint yellow line along the centre, finely lamellate and retractable.
Cerata: Absent.
Gills: Retractable, unipinnate, dark bluish purple in colour with a faint yellow line along the midrib (externally).
Body: Blue to purple; a pale yellow to yellow submarginal to marginal line is present along with at least one central white to yellow branched line. The species is very variable and several white to yellow lines may be present.
Foot: Pale purplish to bluish in colour and with yellowish short lines/dots along the sides; without appendages.

Size range: 4-21mm. Common.

Specific characteristics: This species can easily be confused with related species F. tricolor and F. villafranca. Some specimens previously identified as Hypselodoris messinensis have been placed in this species.
Size unrecorded Ghar Lapsi 5-10m depth 17/07/94
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Oral tentacles
Anterior area