Felimare orsinii
Felimare orsinii
Felimare orsinii (Vérany, 1846)
Felimare orsinii is a small to medium sized chromodorid nudibranch present in the Mediterranean. It is usually found roaming on a black sponge (Cacospongia mollior). This species is uncommon and rarely encountered because of its small size. It is sufficiently distinct to be identified in the field.

Oral tentacles: 2 in number, very short.
Rhinophores: Deep blue in colour, finely lamellate and retractable.
Cerata: Absent.
Gills: Retractable, unipinnate, blue in colour.
Body: Blue to dark blue without purplish tinge; a white to yelllow line is present along the marginal edge whilst a single white line is present in the middle of the notum.
Foot: Blue with a lateral white line visible when viewed sideways. The white line extends to the posterior part of the foot.

Size range: 8-30mm. Uncommon.

Specific characteristics: This species is easy to distinguish from related species by its colouration.
8mm Wied iz-Zurrieq 21m depth 09/05/93
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7mm Zonqor Point 11m depth 7/92
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