Hermaea bifida
Hermaea bifida - ventral view
Hermaea bifida
Hermaea bifida - spawn
Hermaea bifida - bifid rhinophores
Small sized sacoglossan found in shallow water on red algae. The body colour is a transparent pale pinkish with white spots on the body and ceras. The body is elongated with cerata which are roughened (tuberculated) and coloured internally with a pale red brown colour. Rhinophores are present as a short inrolled pair but are 'split' at the tip. Parapodia are absent.

Size range of specimens: 2-10mm.

Specific characteristics: An uncommon species which is easily distinguished from other species by the ceratal and rhinophoreal shape and its pale colouration.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
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Hermaea bifida (Montagu, 1815)
Foot of the 10mm specimen
10mm Qajjenza <1m depth 2/5/94
4-5mm Wied iz-zurrieq 3-4m depth 28/8/93
Spawn (1mm length)
Bifid rhinophores and tuberculated ceras
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