Hermaea variopicta - spawn
Hermaea variopicta - lateral view
Hermaea variopicta - ventral view
Hermaea variopicta
Hermaea variopicta - detail of head
Hermaea variopicta (A. Costa, 1869)
Head detail (11mm Qajjenza 1m depth 19/5/94)
Lateral view of 5mm specimen
Small to medium sized sacoglossan found in shallow water on red algae. The body colour is white with streaks and circles of bright orange and lines of purple and red. Cerata are wide at the base and pointed at the tip, coloured a purplish base and an internal red with a pale yellowish white line along the edges of the cerata ending to an orange spot at the tip. Rhinophores are present as a prominent inrolled pair with white, red and purple colours.
Size range of specimens: 5-11mm.

Specific characteristics: An uncommon species which is easily distinguished from other species by the its beautiful bright colouration and rhinophore shape.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
5mm Ghar Lapsi 3-5m depth 14/11/93
Spawn (about 2mm diameter)
Ventral view of 5mm specimen
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