Peltodoris atromaculata
Peltodoris atromaculata
Detail of rhinophore
Gill circlet
Oral tentacles
Peltodoris atromaculata
Peltodoris atromaculata Bergh, 1880
Peltodoris atromaculata is a medium sized nudibranch endemic to the Mediterranean sea. It feeds on the desmosponge Petrosia ficiformis. The base colour is whitish with brown blotches on the body, with small papillae all over the notum.

Propodial tentacles: Absent
Oral tentacles: 2 in number, smooth, white.
Rhinophores: White, lamellate (up to 19 lamellae), with smooth wider base.
Gills: White with brown blotches, retractile.
Foot: Colourless (ventrally) without any appendages, laterally white with distinct dark brown blotches at the base (lateral) of the foot.

Size range: 45-80mm. Common.

Specific characteristics: This species is easy to distinguish from related species by its colouration, presence of papillae over the body and its habitat.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
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Detail of rhinophore
Oral tentacles, under notum
45mm Qawra 33m depth 11/10/92
Marine species
Gill circlet