Philine quadripartita
Philine quadripartita
Medium sized cephalaspidean, transparent in colour, with internal shell visible through the mantle shield. Cephalic shield without tentacles and/or visible eyes but is adorned with small but closely placed white dots. Parapodia and mantle shield are similarly coloured. The mantle shield is open at the posterior end. Parapodia are short and do not meet at the centre. The general shape is more oval than elongated.
Generally found sublittorally on gravel where it is well camouflaged.

Size range: 15mm. Uncommon.

Specific characteristics: Many similar species and identification is based on size, colour and shell (internal) ornamentation which generally requires dissection.

Species name updated thanks to Dominique Horst
Philine quadripartita Ascanius, 1772
Marine species
15mm Wied iz-Zurrieq 36m depth 27/8/95
15mm Wied iz-Zurrieq 36m depth 27/8/95
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