Philinopsis miqueli
Philinopsis miqueli
Philinopsis miqueli
Small animal, found in shallow water (sublittoral) amongst algae close to sandy areas. Cephalic shield is elongated, pinkish with a white line present at the posterior end; parapodia are similarly coloured with a white line along the edges. Mantle is open at the posterior end with the internal shell visible as a cream coloured object internally.

Size: 7-15mm. Rare.

Specific characteristics: May be mistaken with Philine sp. but the homogenous colouration (without spots) and lack of ornamentation should be enough to distinguish this species in the field.

Identified by Dominique Horst
Marine species
Philinopsis miqueli Pelorce, Horst & Hoarau, 2013
Lateral view of 15mm specimen
15mm Ghar Lapsi 2m depth 24/5/92
7mm Zonqor point 17-18m depth 28/1/96
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