Placida cremoniana
Placida cremoniana - lateral view
Placida cremoniana - foot
Placida cremoniana
Placida cremoniana - spawn
Veliger shell
Detail of ceras
Detail of head area
Placida cremoniana (Trinchese, 1892)
1-2mm Qajjenza <1m depth 23/8/93
Small sacoglossan found in shallow water on algae. The base body colour is a transparent white but an intense orange-brown pigment is present on the dorsum with purplish blotches near the head. The cerata are numerous, almost skittle-shaped, with an intense orange brown colour at the base and a dark purple colour is present up to the tips. Rhinophores are present as two short folded tentacles with a wide transparent band at the edge.
Size range of specimens: 1-4mm. Rare.

Specific characteristics: An unmistakable species which is distinct from all other sacoglossans, the colour and folded tentacles are the key distinguishing features.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
Veliger shell
1-2mm Qajjenza <1m depth 23/8/93
4mm Dwejra, Gozo 4m depth 30/7/94
Foot of 4mm specimen
Detail of the cerata
Spawn 0.5mm diameter
Detail of head
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