Placida viridis
Placida viridis - lateral view
Placida viridis
Placida viridis (Trinchese, 1873)
Small to medium sized sacogossan found in shallow water in green algae. The body colour is a pale greenish-white partially transparent with two rows of the greenish internal digestive gland visible. The green lines show extensive ramifications. The cerata are long, abundant and transparent at the edge but with the central greenish digestive gland visible. The ceratal tips have dark pigment (dark green to brown) present. The foot is transparent but the edge is lined with dark green to brown pigment. Rhinophores are present as two short inrolled tentacles with a dark green line at the edges.
Size: 6mm. Very rare

Specific characteristics: A similar species P. dendritica may be confused with this species. However this species is generally larger in size, the ceratal tips are dark tipped and a dark line is present on edge of the foot and rhinophores.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
6mm Qajjenza <1m depth 6/2/95
Lateral view
6mm Qajjenza <1m depth 6/2/95
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