Polybranchia borgninii
Polybranchia borgninii
Polybranchia borgninii - propodial tentacles
Polybranchia borgninii - ceras showing large ducts
Polybranchia borgninii (Trinchese, 1896)
Foot of 12mm specimen
Small sized sacogossan found in shallow water under rocks. The body colour is a pale honey coloured with large transparent cerata dotted with red spots near the centre and base but with white spots near the edges. In one specimen the digestive glands in the cerata were coloured green but the penetration of the gland was restricted to the centre and the glands were fairly thin (compare Caliphylla). The cerata bear a series of large transparent ducts along the edge. Rhinophores are present as a long partially folded and divided pair, pale honey coloured at the bottom but transparent at the tips. Foot tentacles long and there is no transverse separation of the foot into two areas.
Size: 9-12mm.

Specific characteristics: A very rare species, which is difficult to find in the field. The transparent cerata and presence of propodial tentacles separate this species from Caliphylla and the lack of a transverse line across the foot is the distinguishing feature of this species in relation to Cyerce.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
12mm Qalet Marku <1m depth 31/3/94
Foot tentacles and details of the cerata
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