Rostanga anthelia
Lateral view with white tubercules around rhinophores
Tubercules with spicules
Rhinophoral area with white tubercules
Rostanga anthelia Perrone, 1991
Rostanga anthelia is a small pale reddish discodorid found living amongst algae probably searching for small sponges as food. It was originally described by Antonio Perrone from the Italian peninsula and this is the first record of the species outside of Italy.

Propodial tentacles: 'Present' - bilaminate propodium.
Oral tentacles: 2 in number, short.
Rhinophores: Pale cream coloured, finely lamellate and retractable.
Cerata: Absent.
Gills: Retractable, unipinnate, cream in colour with ocassional dark red spots.
Body: Flattish, rounded and completely covered with tubercules. The tubercules are short and with spicules at the top. The colour varies from pinkish to pale red withscattered darker red spots. The area around the rhinophores has white tubercules and the area between the rhinophores is dark (compare with Rostanga rubra). The dorsal edge is lined with scatted cream tubercules.
Foot: Pale cream, without appendages.

Size range: 4-8mm. Very rare.

Specific characteristics: This species can easily be identified to genus level but may be confused with Rostanga rubra, present also in the Mediterranean. The pale tubercules around the rhinophores and the dark patch between the rhinphores are good specific characters to separate the two species.

Identified by Dr. A Perrone.
7-8mm Bahar ic-caghaq 2m depth 30/09/93
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4mm Bahar ic-caghaq 0-2m depth 4/09/93
Tubercules with spicules
Rhinophoreal area showing white tubercules around the rhinophore 'sheaths'
Lateral view