Runcina coronata
Runcina coronata
Runcina coronata
Runcina coronata
Runcina coronata (de Quatrefages, 1844)
Very small species, elongated and rather flattish, found amongst algae. The cephalic shield is without tentacles and covers most of the body. A set of gills is visible under the cephalic shield at the right posterior end. The body colour is an even brown to greenish brown with two paler areas near the eyes. A series of white spots coalesce to form a white band just behind the eyes and at the posterior end. The foot is pale brown in colour with a darker median band.
Size range: 1-4mm. Uncommon.

Specific characteristics: Difficult to identify unequivocally in the field. The white line at the anterior part is not always present and complicates the identification process.
Marine species
Sea slug forum
Size unrecorded Maghtab area 1m depth 13/7/94
(Upper and lower photo show the same specimen)
1-2mm Bahar ic-Caghaq 0-2m depth 4/9/93
1-2mm Qalet Marku <1m depth 20/4/93
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