Runcina ferruginea
Runcina ferruginea
Runcina ferruginea
Runcina ferruginea Kress, 1977
3mm Birzebbugia <1m depth 12/9/93
Very small species, elongated and rather flattish, found amongst algae (including Dictyopteris sp.). The cephalic shield is without tentacles and covers most of the body. A set of gills is visible under the cephalic shield at the posterior end. The body colour is a even rust brown with a mid central darker brown and two distinct areas at the anterior end, near the eyes. The foot is pale greenish-brown to pale brown in colour with a rust brown edge.
Size range: 1-3mm. Rare.

Specific characteristics: This rust coloured runciniid is easy to identify due to lack of ornamentation, however some specimens lack the vivid rust colour and may perhaps belong to a different taxon.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Marine species
2-3mm Mistra Bay 1m depth 21/9/92
2-3mm Mistra Bay 1m depth 21/9/92
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