Runcina ornata
Runcina ornata
Runcina ornata
Runcina ornata
Runcina ornata (de Quatrefages, 1844)
1-2mm Qalet Marku <1m depth 20/4/93
Very small species, elongated and rather flattish, found amongst algae. The cephalic shield is without tentacles and covers most of the body. A set of gills is visible under the cephalic shield at the posterior end. The body colour is a very dark brown to bluish black with a distinct metallic sheen possibly due to reflection of light by ciliary movement. Two paler areas are present near the eyes and a pale area is present at the posterior edge. The foot is also dark in colour but often slightly lighter than the cephalic shield. Occasionally specimens which are totally black (undifferentiated) are encountered but with careful examination the distinct head and foot become visible.
Size range: 1-5mm. Very common.

Specific characteristics: The dark colour and the distinct metallic sheen of live specimens are sufficient to separate this species from related taxa.
Marine species
Sea Slug Forum
2-3mm Migra l-Ferha 17m depth 29/11/92
2-3mm Qalet Marku 0-1m depth 22/3/93
4mm Ghar Lapsi 3m depth 30/5/93
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