Spurilla neapolitana
Lamellate rhinophores
Spurilla neapolitana
Juvenile specimen
Egg capsules of a parasitic copepod
Spurilla neapolitana (delle Chiaje, 1844)
Spurilla neapolitana is a medium sized aeolid nudibranch often found in shallow water. It is a common species and is often found under rocks. A number of individuals often carry the eggs of a parasitic copepod (reported as Splanchnotrophus sp.) It is reported to feed on Aiptasia sp.

Oral tentacles: 2 in number, long and smooth.
Rhinophores: Brownish with darker reticulations, lamellate with alternating large and short lamellae.
Cerata: Generally highly recurved, with brown contents.
Body: Aeolid form, pale colour with opaque white spots on the dorsum and dark brown reticulations near the anterior area. Dark brown lines along the margin.
Foot: Pale cream, with highly recurved propodial tentacles.

Size range: 5-47mm. Common under rocks.

Specific characteristics: This species can easily be identified in the field. It is often found under rocks in shallow water accompanied by Aeolidiella alderi from which it may be distinguished by the lamellate rhinophores of Spurilla.

Identified by Dr. A Perrone.
18mm L-Abjad, Qajjenza under rock <1m depth 10/01/93
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Marine species
Ventral view
5mm Dwejra, Gozo on algae 1-2m depth 2/7/93
Lamellate rhinophores and smooth oral tentacles
20mm St. Georges'Bay, St. Julians, <1m 7/10/92
Infected specimen, with egg capsules of the copepod Splanchnotrophus sp.
20mm St. Georges'Bay, St. Julians, <1m 7/10/92