Stiliger sp.2 - Lateral view
Stiliger sp.2
Stiliger sp.2
Stiliger sp.2
'Stiliger' sp.2
3-4mm Qalet Marku 3m depth 17/10/93
Small sacoglossan found on red algae with a general shape of an aeolid. The body colour is a transparent colour with a pale pink internal hue. Cerata are few, elongated and with a few pale white spots. Rhinophores are solid, transparent with a few white spots and thicker at the base. Single specimen found.
Size: 3-4mm in length.

Specific characteristics: The habitat, shape and colouration are sufficient to distinguish this species from other sacoglossans.
3-4mm Qalet Marku 3m depth 17/10/93
Lateral view
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