Stropharia coronilla
Stropharia coronilla
Stropharia coronilla - gills
Stropharia coronilla - gill attachment & ring
Gill side
Clamp connection
Gill trama
Gill tip
Stropharia coronilla (Bull.) Quél., 1872
CS125 Buskett (26/10/10)
Description: Small, solitary to gregarious agaric, growing in an open area under/amongst grass.

Pileus: Hemispherical to convex, fleshy agaric. Pileus diameter 25-32mm, pileus height 10mm. Smooth, coloured pale yellow to dull yellow paler at the margin, slimy to sticky, with regular margin and white appendiculate velar remnants at pileus edge. Setae or hairs absent. Flesh white without colour changes on cutting.
Stipe: Cylindrical and straight, but slightly thickened at base, fleshy, white to off-white in colour, with striated ring remnants near the upper part of stipe, usually striate above ring; diameter 7mm, height 24-25mm.
Gills: Adnate-emarginate, greyish-brown changing to chocolate brown, some with paler margin, crowded and with lamellulae.
Spore print: Brown vinaceous.

Pileipellis: Interwoven filamentous hyphae.
Basidia: 2, 3 & 4-spored (8-9µm wide, 12-13µm length)
Cheilocystidia: Thick walled, flask shaped to elongated cells, some with mucronate apex. 8.5 –13µm wide, 21-38µm length.
Pleurocystidia: Absent.
Gill Trama: Parallel.
Caulocystidia: Absent, upper layer of filamentous hyphae on top of structural hyphae. Clamp connections present.
Spores: Ellipsoid, smooth without germ pore.
7.2–9.2µm x 4.6-5.4µm, Q: 1.45-1.78. Qm: 1.63
Index Fungorum
CS125 Buskett (26/10/10)
Gill tip - Cheilocystidia
Gill side - basidia
Clamp connection
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