Detail of notum
Taringa armata
Taringa armata
Lateral view
Ventral view
Oral tentacles
Lamellate rhinophores
Taringa armata is a medium sized dorid nudibranch found in shallow water under rocks. Although superficially similar to other dorid nudibranchs the notum is with large papillae, each of which has a number of sharp spicules.

Oral tentacles: 2 in number, very short, unfurrowed.
Rhinophores: Brownish spotted and lamellate.
Gills: Retractile, brownish with several dark markings.
Notum: Distinctly papillate, pale brown with dark brown to red brown marks/blobs on the body; papillae with distinct spicules on top (caryophyllidia). Underside is pale brown with dark brown spots.
Foot: Yellow brown with dark brown spots underneath.

Size range: 25mm. Very Rare.

Specific characteristics: This species is difficult to distinguish from related species in the field. The presence of spicules on the papillae and the drab colour will narrow the genus to Taringa.

Identification by Dr. A. Perrone
Detail of gills
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Lateral view
25mm Qalet Marku <1m depth 20/06/94
Marine species
Taringa armata Swennen, 1961
Underside of 25mm specimen
Same specimen with retracted gills
Lamellate Rhinophores
Detail of notum showing caryophyllidia
Oral tentacles