Tritonia striata
Tritonia striata - foot
Tritonia striata
Tritonia striata Haefelfinger, 1963
Small dendronotid nudibranch found in shallow but clear waters generally rich in hydroids and corals. The base colour is whitish to cream with 3 black lines on the dorsum. A thin white line is present around the edge of the back whilst dark lines are also present on the sides of the (almost) rectangular body.

Propodial tentacles: Absent
Oral tentacles: 6 in number of variable size
Rhinophores: Sheated and branched at tips
Cerata: Branched, pale coloured, 3-pairs in specimen examined.
Foot: Colourless without any appendages.

Size: 8mm. Rare.

Specific characteristics: This species is easy to distinguish from related species by its colouration and shape.
Marine species
Underside view showing 6 oral tentacles and mouth
8mm Anchor Bay 4m depth 1/6/97
8mm Anchor Bay 4m depth 1/6/97
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